The Suspects

Somebody has or will soon murder the world. But who has the power to destroy so much!

The Far Realm: The forces of madness have always attempted to unmake the world. Have they finally succeeded?

Tharizdun: Will he finally escape his chains and destroy the world he tried to corrupt eons ago?

The Abyss: The Shard of Evil has been drawing the elemental chaos slowly into the abyss for ages. Will it accelerate and wipe out all of creation?

The Primordials: Imprisoned by the gods since the Dawn War, have they found a way to get revenge on the world they could not rule?

Torog: The King That Crawls has terrorized the Underdark since he was cursed to be forever lost inside it. No-one knows how far his madness extends.

Vecna: The god of secrets has no desire to destroy the world. He wants to control it! But perhaps one of his schemes went terribly wrong.

The Suspects

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